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 Tennessee Voter ID Law


All Tennessee voters must present a State or Federally issued photo ID containing their name and photograph, whether voting early or on election day.


What forms of ID are acceptable?

·        Tennessee Drivers License with a photo

·        US Passport

·        Dept of Saftey Photo ID

·        US Military ID

·        Gun Permit

·        Tennessee State or Federally Issued Photo ID



 What forms of ID are not acceptable?

·        College Student Ids

·        Bank Cards

·        Store Cards

·        Any Photo ID NOT Issued by the State of TN Federal Government


Who is exempt?

      ·          Voters who Vote Absentee by Mail

      ·          Voters Who Are Residents of a Licensed Nursing Home or Assisted                      Living Facility and Who Vote at the Facility

      ·          Voters Who are Hospitalized

      ·          Voters with a Religious Objection to Being Photographed

      ·          Voters Who Are Indigent and Unable to Obtain A Photo ID

                  Without Paying a Fee


What if I don't bring an acceptable Photo with me to vote?

·        You may vote a Provisional Ballot and;

·        After voting a Provisional Ballot you have until

  two (2) business days after Election Day to bring

  a proper Photo ID to the Election Commission office

  and have your vote counted.


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