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Welcome to the Wilson County Election Commission

Our Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Wilson County Election Commission to ensure the integrity of every vote cast in Wilson County by administering election law and procedures equally and fairly to all, by providing the most efficient, accurate and secure election process possible, and, in all our endeavors, exceeding the expectations of the voters, taxpayers and citizens of Wilson County in accountability and competence.

If you have any suggestions for additional resources we can make available through our website, please do not hesitate to email us! Visit our 'Contact Us' page now.

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Who Are Poll Workers?
Who Are Poll Workers?

Poll workers are patriotic Wilson County voters that believe in the greatness of our republic and are willing to set aside time in their busy lives for a small stipend to ensure that the integrity of every vote cast is protected. Over 300 Wilson County voters are appointed by the Election Commission before each election to be poll workers. The Wilson County Poll Worker application is online at www.WilsonVotes.com  

Do I Need My Green Voter Card To Vote?

No, registered Wilson County Voters are not required to show their new green voter registration card to vote. When you come to the polls to vote during Early Voting or on Election Day you are only required to show your Tennessee state or Federally issued photo ID in order to vote.  

Voter Tip # 10–Why Am I Receiving a Green Voter Card?

The green voter card is your new voter registration card. In August 2014, the voters of Wilson County voted to increase the number of Wilson County School Board members from 5 to 7.  The new county school zones were adopted by the county commission and new voter cards with the new school zone indicated are being mailed to every active voter.