FAQ about Redistricting


Why did we have redistricting?

The 2015 Redistricting has taken place to add two additional members to the Wilson County School Board. Wilson County voters voted to add two members to the school board in the August of 2014 Wilson County General election. The Wilson County School Board was increased from five members to seven members as a result of the referendum passing. The school board zones were drawn by a committee of the Wilson County Commission and adopted by the Commission in December 2014.


What is Redistricting?

Redistricting is the redrawing of County Commission, State Senate, State House, U.S. Congress, Constable, School Board and City Ward or District lines to ensure that every citizen is equally represented. Each School Zone has an approximately equal number of residents according to the 2010 census. Geographically, some districts and zones are larger or smaller than others due to the number of residents in that area.The population of each district, no matter its geographical size, is relatively equal in population.


How many people are in a County Commission District?

There are approximately 4560 individuals in each County Commission District. This number is taken from the 2010 Federal Census.



How many people are in a School Board Zone?

There are approximately 16220 individuals in each Wilson County School Board Zone. This number is derived from the 2010 Federal Census.



Who determines where the new district lines will be?

The decision makers are the elected officials who have the statutory authority to locate the district lines on census block boundaries.



Tennessee General Assembly

  • Congressional Districts
  • State Senate Districts
  • State House Districts
  • Lebanon Special School Board

Wilson County Commission

  • County Commission Districts
  • School Board Districts
  • Constable Districts
  • Road Commission Districts

City Councils/ Commissions

  • City Council/ Commission Wards and Districts

Wilson County Election Commission

  • Precinct Boundaries
  • Polling Places


What if I don’t want to vote at that polling place?

You must vote at your designated polling place on Election Day. However, you may vote at any of the four convenient Early Voting locations in Wilson County during Early Voting. Early Voting is convenient, fast and you avoid the possibility of missing your opportunity to vote on Election Day for any unforeseen reason.



Am I still represented by the School Board Member even though I am in a new zone now?

When you voted in 2012 and 2014, you voted for school board candidates based on the zone you were in at the time. School Board members from zones 1,3 and 5 were elected to four year terms in 2012. In 2014, School Board members from zones 2 and 4 were elected for four year terms and zone 5 was elected for a two year term (zone 5 was a vacancy appointment and the election in 2014 was to complete the term) Members elected in 2012 and 2014 continue to represent the districts they were elected in until their term is complete. In 2015, candidates for zones 1,3,5,6 and 7 will qualify based on the redistricted lines.



How do I know where to vote or which offices I can vote for?

You should have recieved a GREEN voter registration card in the mail. It is important that you check the card you received for accuracy when you receive it. The GREEN card will have your name and residential address on it. It will also have the County Commission District, County School Board Zone, Constable Zone, State House of Representatives District, State Senate District and U.S.Congressional District you are represented by. If you live in any of the three cities, those will also be printed on your card.PLEASE CONTACT THE ELECTION COMMISSION OFFICE IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS ABOUT THE ACCURACY OF THE VOTING INFORMATION ON YOUR CARD.


What if I do not receive a GREEN voter registration card?

You may not receive a new GREEN voter card if any of these conditions apply to you:

·         Your address has changed from the one on your registration

·         Your name has changed from the one on your registration

·         You have been designated as an “inactive voter” as part of the list maintenance program by the Election Commission

·         You are NOT REGISTERED TO VOTE




When is the last day I can register to vote and vote in the next scheduled election?

You may register until 30th day before each election at the close of business. Registrations received after the deadline before each election will be processed after the election. 


Do I need my new GREEN voter card when I vote at Early Voting or on Election Day?

You do not need your voter card to vote during early voting or on Election Day. YOU MUST HAVE A TENNESSEE STATE OR FEDERALLY ISSUED PHOTO ID TO VOTE. The voter registration card does not exempt you from having a Photo ID to vote. You can vote without a voter registration card but not without a photo ID.