Your Source for Information About Redistricting in Wilson County

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Redistricting has taken place throughout Tennessee due to the 2010 Federal census. Every ten years the district lines are redrawn based on the population in Wilson County. The newly drawn districts provide for equal representation by all our elected representatives.

You have received a new BLUE voter registration card in the mail. This card has your voter information on it.

Your Election Day Polling place may be different from where you voted on Election Day in March of 2012. Your voter card will tell you where you must go to vote on Election Day. If you have questions please contact the our office before Election Day to aviod confusion and frustration.

No matter where you are assigned to vote on Election Day you may Early Vote at any of the four Wilson County Early Voting locations during the Early Voting period. The four sites are located to make access to Early Voting convenient to all Wilson County voters. Please take advantage of the opportunity to vote before Election day and avoid the lines, possible bad weather or any other unforseen occurance that might keep you from voting on Election Day.

Click here for answers to the most often asked questions about redistricting and how it effects Wilson County voters. If you have other questions, please contact us at ,call 615-444-0216 or come by the Election Commission office at 203 East Main St Lebanon.

Please remember to bring your State or Federally issued photo ID to the polling place during Early Voting or on Election Day when you come to vote. The voter registration card does not exempt you from having a State or Federally issued photo ID to vote.

Thank you for your interest in voting we look forward to seeing you at the polls during Early Voting or on Election Day.